BeMed unveils the winners of the call for projects for the Mediterranean islands - 26/08/2020

Because of its closed sea topography, the intensity of maritime transport and the industrial and tourist activities it concentrates, the Mediterranean is particularly impacted by plastic pollution. With 1 to 10 million plastic particles per square kilometer, it is probably the most polluted sea in the world.

Faced with this observation, Beyond Plastic Med (BeMed), founded by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the MAVA Foundation, Surfrider Europe Foundation, the Tara Ocean Foundation and the IUCN, is working with stakeholders in the field to reduce this pollution at the source. 53 micro-initiatives, supported by BeMed, have already been implemented in 15 countries of the Mediterranean basin.

To go further, BeMed launched a call for projects on April 1, 2020, targeting more specifically the Mediterranean islands. Real tourist hotspots strongly impacted by plastic pollution, they are opportunities to test and implement sustainable solutions anchored locally. Five projects have been selected that will amplify the efforts of the BeMed network:

The call for projects is supported by the MAVA Foundation.