The Tt. Hon John GUMMER, Lord Deben

The Tt. Hon John GUMMER, Lord Deben

Lord Deben is an international businessman, Chairman of Sancroft, which has offices in London and Washington DC. He is also Chairman of Valpak Ltd., the Association of Professional Financial Advisors and Non-Executive Director of the Castle Trust Ltd.  Previous to his period of ministerial office, he was Chief Executive of Siemssen Hunter, a PLC with interests in cigars, retail, distribution and publishing.

Lord Deben was the longest serving Secretary of State for the Environment the UK has ever had. His sixteen years of top-level ministerial experience included Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Minister for London, Employment Minister and Paymaster General in HM Treasury. In two hundred years, only five others have held so long a period of office.  He was chosen by the OECD countries to Chair their environmental committee. He led the negotiations the Uruguay Round of trade talks on behalf of the European Union and was a leading negotiator in the international conferences leading to the Kyoto agreement.

This experience as an international negotiator has earned him worldwide respect both in the business community and among environmentalists. He has consistently championed an identitybetween environmental concerns and business sense. To that end, he set up and now runs Sancroft, a Corporate Responsibility consultancy working with blue-chip companies around the world on environmental, social and ethical issues.

Lord Deben chairs the Nestle UK Advisory Committee on Nutrition, Health and Wellness, regularly chairs sessions for the World Agricultural Forum, and this year was a Chairman at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture in Abu Dhabi. His recent speaking engagements include major international conferences in Mexico, Delhi, Sydney as well as London and New York.  He has headed the GLOBE discussions with senior Chinese ministers on the issues of climate change.

In 2012 Lord Deben was appointed on a cross-party basis as the Chairman of the UK’s Independent Committee on Climate Change, which sets the UK’s emissions targets and is the statutory adviser to the Government on climate change.