Monitoring of the posidonia medow in Corsica

Posidonia meadows are found almost all around Corsica covering a surface area of 55 230 ha. Two Posidonia meadow monitoring networks have been set up in Corsica: the RSP (Réseau de Surveillance Posidonie) and the TEMPO network (Monitoring of Posidonia meadows using acoustic telemetry).  On the Natura 2000 Grand Herbier site on the western coast, these networks enable 6 sites to be monitored (4 by RSP and 2 by TEMPO):

  1. 3 lower limits of the meadow south of Campoloro, in Bravone and in front of the Diana pond
  2. 3 upper limits: Biguglia, Campoloro and Fium'orbu.

In anticipation of measures to assess the sound ecological status of the habitat which have been called for at European level, the aim of this action is to use the 6 existing monitoring sites, where the boundaries of the lower and upper limits have been delineated, to continue to monitor any developments to the vitality and state of conservation of the Posidonia meadows every 3 years.

Furthermore, the status of conservation of Posidonia meadows in other areas is be monitored with more accurate mapping (different from those monitored by RSP and TEMPO):

Monitoring of the posidonia medow in Corsica

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