Develop and Implement a Responsible Tourism Campaign to Protect Palau's Extraordinary Biodiversity for the benefit of Palauan People and Communities

The project introduces and develops the concept and practice of “sustainable tourism” in the tourism industry of Palau, a small archipelago located between Caroline islands and the Philippines. The main goal of this project is to raise awareness in the tourism sector about the fragility of biodiversity and the impacts of its loss on customers. This project aims to address understanding issues between the tourism sector, environmental activists and citizens. The interests of each group are interdependent. All the groups must therefore help one another. In order to build a better understanding between sectors, several good practices are implemented:

a) to monitor the development of sustainable tourism benefiting all sectors;

b) to guarantee a great customer experience;

c) to minimize the impact on the environment;

d) to make the greatest profits for the inhabitants of Palau and their communities. 

Localisation: Palau


Project Initiator

Palau Conservation Society