Acting on Blue Carbon : Blue Carbon Preparedness, Blue Capital and Regional Implementation Strategies

2015 – 2017

The purpose of this project is to significantly progress conservation and better management of ‘blue carbon’ coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, salt marshes and sea grasses for their importance in climate change mitigation and adaptation. The benefits they supply go far beyond the often quoted financial perspective and in some places the social opportunities to support local and indigenous communities as custodians of important blue carbon habitats may well outstrip any potential financial gains.

The project work with selected countries which show significant blue carbon habitats to fully understand the opportunities, as well as challenges, of blue carbon as part of a Blue-Green Economy, The project identify the actions and steps that are needed from policy, science and social perspectives to make this a reality.

The project deliver 5-6 national case studies efficiently progressing blue carbon conservation by setting best-practice conservation and management strategies; a global blue carbon preparedness framework to fast track implementation of blue carbon benefits worldwide; and define a pathway for governments, and especially the private sector, to effectively protect and manage blue carbon habitats by valuing the ‘Blue Capital’ and incorporating it into the ‘Blue Economy. 

Localisation: Colombia, Panama, Bahamas, Seychelles, Cameroun and Melanesian islands

Project Initiator

Union Internationale pour la Conservation de la Nature (IUCN)