The global leadership for climate action


    Increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere contribute to glacial melt and ocean acidification. Because it not only threatens current generations, but also future ones, consideration of climate change is becoming a prime concern.

    In response to this problem, and following measures such as those initiated by the Kyoto Protocol and the climate change conference in Copenhagen, a task force of global leaders has undertaken efforts to focus on the issue.

    This initiative brings together former heads of state, business leaders as well as members of civil society, representing over 20 countries. The aim is to outline a new global agreement on climate change. In September 2007, global leaders attending the climate change summit agreed to a post-2012 plan focused on four issues: reduction, adaptation, technology and finance. These recommendations were subsequently reiterated at climate negotiations that took place in Bali in December 2007. The plan has since been approved by 71 global leaders.

    The project has given rise to proposals for debates following the Kyoto Protocol.

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