The "Millennium Village"

2009 – 2013

The “Millennium Village” approach is an innovative contribution towards reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), all the more so since the situation of extreme poverty in Mali is such that it is particularly difficult to achieve these goals. The project consists of implementing a strategy and planning for the MDGs in the villages, based on an integrated approach for research, training and global partnership, whilst encouraging the autonomy of the populations concerned.

The main objective is to introduce simultaneous innovative investments in the areas of health, education, food production and access to drinking water in order to lift the villagers out of poverty and to achieve the MDGs within 5 years.

The project consists of two components: a component whose aim is to set up two “Millennium Villages” on the Toya and Tibi pilot sites. The aim of the second component is the wide-scale deployment of the "Millennium Villages" throughout the 166 communities concerned by the NPFS.


Localisation: Mali


Project Initiator

The Earth Institute of Columbia University